The name of the bedroom derives from the view of this room. In fact, from the windows of this suite, you can admire the Baptistery and the Palazzo del Magnifico, also known as Palazzo Petrucci, which was the residence of Pandolfo Petrucci, a rich Sienese aristocrat that ruled the city from 1487 to 1512. Born and raised in Siena, and member of an aristocratic family, Petrucci was exiled from his home in 1483 for being a member of the city’s Noveschi political faction, which had fallen out of favor with the rulers of Siena.

When the Noveschi returned to prominence they were led by Petrucci, who finally came back to his hometown in 1487. The facade is decorated with many bells and refined bronze bracelets, which are now in the Palazzo Pubblico.

The ceiling of the hall was divided into squares by gilded stucco with fresco figured panels of various shapes. Now you can find them in the Metropolitan Museum of New York City.

The suite has a king-size bed that accomodates two people, a living room with a sofa and private bathroom. It’s a true gem, a stage facing the beauty of Siena. The furnishing of this bedroom is a mix of modern and ancient design and on the walls you can admire real ancient frescos of the 13th century. The suite has four windows overlooking the stunning Piazza San Giovanni, with a view of the entire Cathedral (Cathedral staircase, Baptistery of Siena), the ancient Palazzo del Magnifico and the streets of Siena.

Room Details

Fast free Wi-Fi Flat Screen TV Air conditioning
30 square meter Heating
Wardrobe Living Room Chairs
Basin Toilet Bidet
Shower Hair-Dryer Toiletry Set
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