Food & Wine

Make with love all what we do

We want you to wake up in the sweetest way!

Breakfast is served from 9:00 to 11:00 in our Bistrot just in front of us with the stunning view of the Baptistery.

On request it can be served into the room.


Siena is definitely the most famous and worldwide known Italian province for the production of red wines. In fact, everyone, at least for one time, has heard the names of Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Classico and Nobile di Montepulciano. This is the reason why we have decided to enrich our Residenza d’Epoca, opening also a Wineshop. In fact, as you walk in our house, the first thing you see is the modern and stylish glass showcase filled with the best selection of top Tuscan wines, accurately and personally chosen by us. You have the opportunity to try them directly into your room or buy them and bring them to you house as souvenir!

Wine tasting

It is a trip through history and intense, fruity aromas: we offer you some of the best Italian wines, a memorable experience of senses.

The wine tasting experience is our highlight at Il Battistero Siena –Residenza d’epoca. The location where wine tasting takes place is amazing: underground of Siena’s Duomo. It is reachable from the wine shop. Through some stairs you will walk in the underground of Piazza San Giovanni in Siena, where memorable Hollywood movies has been set, with besides a unique medieval aquaeductus visible. This aqueduct was built centuries ago by Etruscan and Roman people and used in the 17th century as a secret passage by the Pope Alessandro VII.

Our service of wine tasting is led by our experts: moreover, each glass of wine is paired with typical gourmet foods.

Meanwhile wine tastings take place, you will have the possibility to ask our experts for all your questions, info and anecdotes about each wine (Chianti, Brunello, Super Tuscan, etc.) an history about this place.

Wine tasting service can be customized in every aspect on request: following your needs, we can change the ways to do it and the number of guests.


We offer to our guests the opportunity to have lunch and dinner in the best location ever!

In front of the Baptistery of Siena we have an historical Bistrot where we serve traditional Tuscan dishes, artisanal products and refined food.

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