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The name of this bedroom is in honour of the eclectic Siennese poet CeccoAngiolieri (1260-1312), member of the notable family of the “Angiolieri”. He was known for his adventurous life. He was born in one of the richest family of Siena and died with a lot of debts. In one of his famous sonetto’s he remembers the three things that he loved: women, food and gambling.

The room is a double bedroom, perfect for couples. In honour of the eclectic character of CeccoAngiolieri the room has a quirky touch given by a very spacious

and modern in-room shower facing the bed and from where you can admire the Basilica of San Domenico. The room comes complete with a private bathroom paved with modern grey tiles from the well-known Mutina brand and a toilet. The shower is in the room in front of the bed nicely projected in sandstone, crystal and maiolica tiles.

Dimensions:  Approximately 13 squaremeters

Room Details

Fast free Wi-Fi iPad Air conditioning
13 square meter Heating Mini Bar
Wardrobe Shower Chairs
2 People
Toilet Hair-Dryer Toiletry Set
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